About Us an on-line project initiated to develop a useful on-line information archive about visual artists from Bangladesh.It is dedicated to create an on-line database to represent visual artists and related art organizations and activities. It is a non profit activities to expand the horizon of the artists network to the world of art, your suggestion and support will help us to reach the goal.

Please submit your Documents and link to make the database grown-up well. will support an artist to size his/her previous documentation and prepare them for on-line presentation. just follow our direction :
It will direct artists —>
* how to present own works and thoughts as professional to the world by using internet facilities
* how to prepare personal documentation effectively and in simple way
* what is the easiest, reliable and free way to make available all of the personal professional documentation to the world.

We appreciate and encourage to create google site for individual artists and add them to the to build up the database.
Any artist and art organization can send their work documentation link (website, published pdf or doc file, web page etc.)or send organized documentation to
If you want to create your personal professional website we have a support team to help you to create it in cheapest and easiest way. please contact us by using our contact page or sand an e mail by

Thank you!