Bivol Saha

February 2, 2015 - Artists
Bivol Saha


I think I am also indirectly sufferer by the dot or natural disaster which is occurred any parts of the world. That’s why I made a crack land figure with clay on the ground by the shadow of myself. Tree plantation is the main source to protect natural disaster. In this case I choose the “Banyan tree “. The Banyan tree is not profitable, so nobody plant this tree rather it is uprooted as because it is harmful for the buildings. But its roots are developed for a long distance and very helpful to protect the soil fall down. Banyan tree has a medicine action and its small fruits are eaten by the most of the birds. We can see the “Banyan tree” in the poems, stories and songs in the ancient Bengali literature. Today this tree is mostly careless. I plant a Banyan plant by the left side of the crack land figure’s torso. We have to love green trees by the heart. The nature is very eager for the green today. So we have to thirst of the nature by tree plantation. We also live if the nature is calm and quite. That’s why I water the whole crack land figure with the water after the plantation of the Banyan plant.
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