Farzana Ahmed Urmi

January 27, 2018 - Artists
Farzana Ahmed Urmi

Artist Statement: Being print-maker I do woodcut basically but do also Paintings . After complete my education I started Paintings . so now I do print and paintings both . I love to play with texture and also experiment on color . In my woodcut work I exposed one figure in one surface . I do put lot color and also compose differently. I don’t say many in my work I see people surrounding me always, people I know or I don’t know .and they came on my surface in absent mind . The experience of my paintings, I apply in my woodcut so it become wood paints .

I take one prints of one work so I don’t reduce lot imprecation form one wood surface.
One work form one plate and than I do experiment with that plate. Sometimes I use hand touch on my prints so it become mono prints.

I said before that I work on people who are surrounded by me. I want to feel them and want to capture them on my woodcut .In few of my work I exposed my self also . I use lot color on my woodcut . using dark color I feel relief form my boring life.

Lastly I want to say that, in my work i want to do experiment in lot way , I want to see what happen, when we put diffident media in one surface? I mixed up water color in woodcut prints also . I paint with dust color ,oil, and do mixed all together . In this way
Sometimes something new happen and I do enjoy that .

I think painting doesn’t have any rules . It can be happened with
Anything anyway. So I am trying to do on that way to prove my work . Maybe sometime I am successful some times not but I love doing work so I am trying .
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