Ripon Saha

February 7, 2015 - Artists
Ripon Saha

Art is a just like a mysterious bridge between the real and unreal world. I want to love and sometimes declare my hate standing on that bridge. My field is not wide. But I am able to be contempt with my limitations. Artwork is very important to me, not just a medium. I have spent most of my student years in traditional painting, and after my academic education I have realized that there is no end to learning… it is just the beginning, which is the real lesson for an artist. An artist is a student of his surroundings.

I was a very indifferent student in my department. Until a great moment came when my professor gave me the opportunity to develop my own style. As a Bangladeshi we like to make our food spicy. Most of the Bangladeshi paintings are also very spicy. It’s difficult to express a lot within a limited form, isn’t it? At the starting, my paintings were too blabby but have learnt with time to moderate that.
I had spent eight years in the Art College and the fine arts department of Chittagong University. The college was nice because of its location, library and my classmates. And those three years were enough for foundation. But the first four years in Chittagong University were such a waste of time. The system was so boring. It was a horrible place for a progressive mind. After that I got some special friends and two respectable professors there. I’m always grateful to them.

Not only me, some of my friends are also unhappy under the system of our University. We have always wanted to know the movement of the contemporary art world. This why we gathered and formed Porapara. I joined Porapara Space for Artists as an admin at the end of the year of 2008. It was a new journey for me. Here we warmed up ourselves under curatorships of Abu Naser Robii. He mainly introduced us to contemporary modern art.

In my academic life, I was involved with leftist politics and I spent a very good time. But I had to leave politics because of their self contradictory works. I am sure that there is no future for these present left organizations in our country. But some of their political angles of vision were appealing. In my tender age, I observed my society through that vision and it still influences my artworks.

I am also a big fan of world cinema. And I believe film is the final destination of art. It influences my art very much, mainly composition and color in painting. Film is just like a window to me. I know it’s difficult to make a cinema for me… but it takes me to the media art. I have plans to develop something within this media in the future. And I hope not only I, but also my others friends of Porapara Space for Artists will create a revolution in the field of media art.
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