Sanjoy Chakraborty

February 2, 2015 - Artists
Sanjoy Chakraborty


I do art work because I suffer from my society. Through my execution I try to reflect that we, the human beings are controlled by the society we created. I came to know about this feeling of mine when I was leaving Bangladesh to take study in India. My parents were worried about the prevailing political circumstance which was mostly focused on religious view. After two years of that, while participating in an art residency in Guahati (Assam, India), I learned something more. Guahati is the most important city in the eastern region of India. But like Kashmir this is another city where political condition is mostly unstable. All the time people from different ethnic groups (Khasi Kurbi, Damasa, Monipuri, Assamis, etc) are fighting with each other. Discussing with native people I soon found out that struggling with the surrounding is nothing new in human life. We all actually suffer in different ways. I got more confident on this idea by watching some movies at that time: The Edge of Heaven (Fatih Akin), The Last Stop (Bruno Brreto), Before the Rain (Milcho Manchevski), American History X (Tony Kaye), etc. All those movies opened my eyes and made me happy to find myself with a more clear view on this.

After taking leave from Guahati for Kolkata, I started to think about my work in a new perspective. Before the Guahati trip I used to work with the colours orange and blue to express human sexual desire. I switched from that point to see how as a mature person I look at the society. Coincidently at that time the Bombay bomb blast occurred and the reason behind was the same religious conflict between India and Pakistan. I found the crisis around the world more or less the same; so to portray the whole image of that in a universal way I started to paint my work with red instead of orange and blue. The explanation behind this is that red is the colour of our blood and unlike our complexion it does not vary in different regions on the map. Thus to catch the common human crisis and emotion in my work I started to work with red.

Apart from working in 2D surface like Print Making and Painting I also prefer to work in the medium of Performance. In performance art I want to utilize the advantage of sound and body movement which gives a new dimension in the creation of art. This is applicable in case of Installation art as well. For example, in my print work I did a few installations too. In installation I think an artist gets new possibilities to create 3d space, which most of the time help both the artist and the viewer to communicate with the theme of the art work.

Recently, I am doing a work on daily personal emotions. I am doing drawing on paper and canvas cloth whenever I get to manage time at my work. And I draw the initial parts of the work (that I do on paper) in Photoshop and then taking a print of that I start giving formal brush work on those. At the end of the day I find something very new in those works of mine because there I mix two mediums, print and paint, on the same surface.

I have plans to mix up all mediums in one space of work where I can create something very new, something the world has not seen yet.

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