Sumanto Kumar

February 2, 2015 - Artists
Sumanto Kumar


I like to make my art works by metal. Specially I like Brass. But, I do work by Bronze, Aluminum, Iron and Copper. I also work by Stone, Fiberglass, Glass and few other media. But, I feel better to work by Brass. I like to pick my artworks subject from mythology. First I try to study about my subject. And, then I move to work. Our mythology is full with arts element. And, I like to work on those stories. I also influenced by exhibits of the “Varendra Resource Museum, Rajshahi, Bangladesh”. 

I also like to do experimental artworks. Nature is the inspiration of my experimental works. And, my teacher’s generous guidance also had a major influence to create my own style of experimental artworks. I also like to work by Clay and mixed media
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