Tasnova Zerin Haque Labonno

February 2, 2015 - Artists
Tasnova Zerin Haque Labonno


Art  is a passion to me since my childhood. In my early ages, I spent my free time in painting as hobby works. Later on it become my soul work and I choose to make my profession over it. Art is like a some kind of liquid which is flowing inside of my blood. I can not live without it nor can feel my existence apart from it. I do everything for my art. Days become nights and nights become days when I sit to paint.All the time I try to paint my thinking as mirror reflection on canvas. Depth of  my art emotion is strong enough to lead my whole life by centering drawing and painting. In one word- “Art is my heart and I wish to be with it until my last breath.”

I have a specific goal of mine through my artistic career. Initially, I am preparing myself to be skilled and competitive with foreign artists. I am interested to spread taste of my artworks all over the world and stand out as one of the famous Internationally recognized artists of all time.

As philosophy behind my artistic life I believe, Art teach human to be modest, calm, open handed, broaden inner and outer look, truthful and determined about achieving success. Thus how Art beautify people’s life.

 It is a great source of satisfying my mind. I search through cultural artwork methods of different nations and also compare  traditional techniques with each other. So, undoubtedly it is another source of cultural bond. One artist or a normal guy can flash out one own cultural heritage to the world and earn international spotlight .But most important condition here is to utilize one’s artistic talent and represent heart throbbing , unblinking feedback before all.

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